Printing, Faxing, & Scanning


All Public Internet computers as well as the Study Room computers are able to print. Logged into a computer with your library card, $.50 will be available to you each day, equaling 5 free black and white pages or 1 free color page. Please note: any printing done by staff is 10 cents each page.

Mobile Printing

Send your print job from anywhere and pick it up at the library! Follow the directions below to send your job to the West Allis Library:
1. Visit West Allis Library's mobile printing service page to send your print job.
2. When at the library, head to a print release kiosk
3. To retrieve your prints enter in your email address and pay at the coin operated machine.
4. There a few ways to send your print job! View the Mobile Print Instruction sheet for some more options.


The library has 2 public copy machines, these make black and white copies only. Copies are 10 cents each.
Color copying is available with staff assistance, color copies are 50 cents each.


The library provides public faxing.

  • Local or toll free number: First page is $1.50, any additional page is $1
  • Long distance number: First page is $2, any additional page is $1


Scanning service is available and free. A personal Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash Drive is required to scan. Flash Drives are available to purchase for $3.50.